About Us

The company LAGIERSKI Klinkerbau GmbH & Co. KG originates from the long-term operations of the company  Lagierski & Team GbR,  executing construction works on the German market since 2006.  Since that time we have achieved a significant position and we are perceived by our Clients as a stable, reliable and  predictable company.

We specialize in the execution of  clinker facades.

Since the very beginnings of our operation, we have executed numerous residential, office, commercial and service buildings, as well as public utility buildings.

High quality, expertise and outstanding precision applied when working with clinker, enables us also to execute specialist, frequently complicated  clinker wine cellars, which require great skills and sense  of aesthetics.

Throughout the years we have been constantly strengthening our position and systematically extending our activities, both on the German market and beyond it.

Transformation and extension of the previous structures of our Company, our experience and financial status enable us to take up new challenges and to implement new interesting projects.